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Do not send your child to a school referred

or school appointed doctor before reading

this website.  Your child's future or

life may depend on it!


The information contained in this website is not intended

as, and is not a substitute for, professional medical advice.

All decisions about a child's medical care should be made

in consultation with a child's physician.


This website is intended to help the parents of unfairly

targeted children and provide a warning to future parents.

What our readers are saying...

"My wife told me to read this. I didn't know why. I kind of blew it off. Then I read it. I was blown away. Not only does my child attend that school, my child was in 1st grade with the same teacher."

"Wow! This brings back so many memories of my son's 1st grade year at that same school! We too went through the same process. Fortunately, we are educators ourselves and knew the game ahead of time. I put a stop to the process immediately. I'm sorry your family had to go through so much! "

"I live just down the street from you and as I was growing up in that school about 8 years ago when it first started, we were having the same problems and I admire your sense in doing this."

Disclaimer for Parents of Ill Children, Honest Educators, Honest Medical Practicioners and all Taxpayers:



There are children who are, in reality, suffering from impaired scholastic performance and/or disciplinary issues.  We know this.  They are, however, much more uncommon than is popularly believed.  These children, along with their parents, need to understand that there is a segment of the educational and medical professions who, for their own personal reasons, will exaggerate even the most minute subjective symptoms as being on par with the seriously impaired.  This is a slap in the face to the ones who need it the least.  We support the ones who are legitimately struggling and their parents.  We are exposing the scam side of this issue, in part, for you as well.  You should not have your suffering trivialized by anyone.  Our hearts go out to you and we support you.


We know and understand that a great number of educators disagree with the rush-to-medicate-children mentality, which exists in some public schools and elsewhere.  We respect your feelings and reputations.  We have interviewed several teachers, both active and retired.  Some are personal friends.  The common thread amongst all is a fear or reluctance to speak up about the special education system and how it is being abused by their peers and their superiors.  This is because they want to avoid professional retaliation and not have their careers jeapordized.  Many educators had no idea that they would be asked to participate in such a controversy when they were studying to get their degrees in education.  Our hearts go out to you as well and we support you.



We understand there is a huge controversy surrounding the subject of ADHD.  We know that many of you do not advocate a rush-to-medicate view point on the subject.  We respect this and support you. 



There are undoubtedly some who think the whole idea of ADHD's existence is a big farce and sham and those who don't.  Regardless of whether you believe in it's existence or not, you are being slammed hard through the tax system in conjunction with the Department of Education's official procedures.  Read this website's material and understand how you are paying through the nose each and every paycheck and how it could soon be getting worse.  Go to the Your TAX $ & Their Lawsuits section for details.  Spread the word!