2013 Junior Olympic Gold Medalist!

What about Forrest’s life after avoiding the school system's lies and attempts to harm his future?

In November of 2011, we caught Forrest’s 4th grade teacher in a lie. She had  bungled the report card grades for the  classroom. We had proof to back it up. She implied Forrest was lazy and lacked proper work ethic! Forrest received his first “B” grade. He is a straight “A” student.  We very closely monitor his DAILY performance. It was her attempt to slip under our radar. When my wife and I brought this to light to the classroom parents, they too expressed their own concerns. The teacher, the principal, and then the Superintendent were informed so as to correct any future mistakes. Panic resulted on the part of the school administration and the Superintendent tried to cover it up.  The details are worthy of a website or book by themselves! We, at that point, realized we had had enough of having to watch over these peoples' shoulders. We decided to let them wallow in their own mess after we informed the other parents and decided to home school Forrest. It was one of the best damn decisions we, as parents, ever made! In October 2013, the school district had to redraw the school boundaries due to low enrollment numbers at this school. Any guesses as to why? See the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette article dated October 2, 2013, SACS Board Hears Elementary Redistricting Plan, by Vivian Sade. 


Look at what follows!


March 2013, our son Forrest graduated the 5th grade. He was 10 years old at the time. We had him independently evaluated at a local learning center and his academic assessment placed him between the 7th and 11th grades. Earlier in February and March of 2013, Forrest competed in four wrestling competitions and won a 1st, a 2nd and two 3rd places . In May 2013, Forrest won the AAU STATE Taekwondo Championships receiving 2 Gold Medals for Forms and Sparring competitions. In July of the same year, Forrest was chosen to play on the Little League All Star team. His team went all the way to the Fort Wayne City Championships and got 2nd place. That same month, Forrest competed in the Junior Olympics representing the State of Indiana in Taekwondo competition. He received a Gold Medal in Forms competition and a Silver Medal in Olympic Sparring competition. Forrest was 10 years old. Immediately after the Junior Olympics, Forrest wanted to start training for his first 5K running competition. He did so with me, and as luck would have it, the race was on the same day as his photo shoot for a worldwide publication.  Forrest’s story can be seen in the January 2014 issue of Taekwondo Times Magazine


In November 2013, we had a last Taekwondo tournament of the 2013 season. Forrest won 1st place in Forms, 1stplace in Olympic Sparring and 1st place in Board Breaking competition. He received the Grand Championship award for an outstanding performance!   Oddly enough, this award marked NUMBER 100 in his Taekwondo competition career. Forrest, at age 11, is also starting the 8th grade in February 2014. Yes, not the 7th, but the 8th  grade. On January 27, we had Forrest test for his final for 6th grade. His scores were so far beyond what was needed that, after consulting with the learning center director, he convinced us not to waste time with 7th grade materials at all and immediately begin 8th grade. Forrest's focus and discipline are obviously paying off. We are so glad we did not listen to the idiots. If we had done so, the last 5 years would have gone much differently. Forrest’s accomplishments and true potential would have never been realized.


Anyone that meets Forrest sees that he is a bright, friendly, energetic, positive, and well behaved young man. Forrest has friends ranging in ages from 2 to over 70 years of age. He has a knack for getting along with anybody. The teachers, principals, and Superintendent that tried to “pile on” Forrest were defeated. They now have their actions following them for the rest of their lives. We are very happy, as a family,  to have seen through their lies. We are also very happy, as a family and members of our community, to have shared this story with so many others who have also come to dismiss  these “experts” and others like them for their dangerous behavior.

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