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Intervention was an honorable tool originally designed for State Boards of Education to assist children and their educators in erradicating the chance that a seriously impaired child would develop poorly due to lack of proper diagnosis and treatment. This would help ensure that all children had an equal chance at a good life.  The Indiana State Board of Education, Title 511, Article 7, Rules 3-16 for Special Education still allows and suggests interventions be carried forth.  Specifically, refer to pages 31-78.  Also, see page 39 under the heading of 511, IAC 7-11-5, Emotional Handicap, Section 5a, number 5. "Inappropriate behaviors or feelings under normal circumstances".  This is very vague and allows for very subjective analyses to take place.  This description allows the corrupt educators to continue abusing the system.  This is one of their main windows of opportunity or vehicle to target your child unfairly.  This means, if a teacher or school official's opinion of your child is not favorable for any reason, they have a wide open door to target your child for their "intervention" and potentially have your child misdiagnosed.  They cannot force you to comply as per the December 3, 2004 Federal Law, but they can make your child's life miserable, if you decline.  All of which is under the guise of good intentions for your child.  The incentives for corrupt educators to do this vary, but typically it points to a corrupt educator manipulating the system in order to obtain thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars from State and Federal grants.  The various State Boards of Education have what would be considered a relative 'honor system' in place.  They must trust, for the most part, that the requests for special education funds are legitimate.  They do not have neither the time, nor resources to extensively audit each request for its authenticity beyond a doctor's signature.  This is a potential source for fraudulent interventions.  The Indiana State Board of Education Title 511, Article 7 may be obtained by accessing   


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