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CASE      A man, I personally know, had his son targeted for an ADHD intervention in a school district in Northeast Indiana just a few years ago.  One of the teacher’s complaints was that his elementary school-age son “sharpened his pencil too much”.  Extreme pressure was put on the parents for a school referred diagnosis.  The parents declined.  The school environment became so unpleasant for the little boy that the parents had to pull him out of school altogether, due to teacher retaliation.  The mother could not work a normal 8 to 5 job due to her having to home-school rather than drug her son.  There were no other elementary school options with space within a reasonable distance.  For fear of further retaliation, the parents had to pull their other child out of the same school district and home-school them.  This sibling had no complaints sent home by the school district until after the declined ADHD intervention took place for the sibling.  Coincidence?


CASE      Another parent that I personally know had been approached just this last school-year.  This was in yet another school district in Northern Indiana.  His boy, while in 2nd grade, was targeted for an obviously fraudulent ADHD intervention.  The boy was getting good grades and was well behaved.  The main complaint from the teacher was that the boy squirmed in his chair too much and that he used the hall pass for restroom breaks too much.  The parents declined the intervention.  You see, this little boy was born with a digestive disorder and had trouble controlling his bowels like other normal healthy kids and adults; a serious life-long medical condition.  The teacher knew this.  Weeks following the parents refusal to drug their son the way the teacher suggested, the boy was then refused the hall pass.  He came home complaining of severe pain in his intestines and feared soiling himself in class.  The parents met with the teacher and principal to correct the problem on several occasions.  Each time, a week or so would pass and the hall pass was withheld again.  The boy could only focus on holding his feces in and could not give his schoolwork proper attention.  Who could?  Finally, the parents met with the district superintendant.  And in a heated exchange, threatened a very public lawsuit against the district.  The problem miraculously went away.  The little boy has since had no bad reports come home about his behavior and he is getting good grades.  The teacher’s retaliation tactics for a failed fraudulent ADHD intervention are sickening and inhumane to say the least.

CASE      A lady I personally know, residing in Maryland, had her then 5 year old son targeted years ago.  A trusting mom who wanted what she was told was best for her son.  One day, shortly after the start of treatment, picking him up from kindergarten, she noticed he was severely slurring his words.  She rushed him to the closest ER.  The diagnosis was that he was dangerously close to cardiac arrest and had to receive immediate countermeasures and treatment to counteract what was suggested to be a violent reaction to his prescribed ADHD meds.  After his recovery, the mom logically refused to allow him to be put on the meds again.  He is now a young successful, healthy adult and has never had a second such episode.  Coincidence?

CASE      A parent living in our school district e-mailed to me that they too had their child targeted at the same school my son was attending.  This happened while that child also was in the first grade.  The parent immediately recognized what was happening before any aggressive procedures started.  How did this parent know in advance?  They work in the public school system and they, and I quote, “knew the drill”.  They declined before any nonsense started and stuck to their guns.  This parent, who will remain anonymous, also was kind enough to express sadness towards our family for our trouble from an experienced teacher’s perspective.  Apparently, the corrupt school officials did not know they had targeted one of their own peer's children.  Thank you for sharing this!

Check back periodically for more examples that I have from people that I have personally interviewed.  For matters of dealing with personal safety and privacy, I have promised to not share their names or personal information.  These kids and families have been through enough.  I support them and the other families who have contacted me.  I am proud to know them and to provide a public resource for all who have been victimized by this type of scam.