On December 3, 2004, President Bush passed a law forbidding the forced drugging of children in schools.  After that, the corrupt educators continued with different tactics.  Now, if a parent declines an 'ADHD Intervention' suggested by a school official, the child and parents are many times put through a very abusive situation until they comply or leave.  Need an example?  Read our personal experience for the detailed long version of how our son was put through a very abusive situation.


This is just one example of what happens during an ADHD scam intervention.  There are many others who have similar experiences.  I have interviewed several parents of children who have been unfairly targeted by the ADHD scam at other schools and some are in other states.  I have included various articles supporting how much this is continuing to occur.  If anyone claims our experience is an isolated case, you will see how wrong they are.  After all, why would our former President pass a law that would, on a National level, try and stop these practices?  The answer is obvious.

 Forrest's First Grade Picture, Oct 2008




1. First Day of School, First Attack                                    8. Second Attack 

2. Fall PTC Meeting                                                              9. First Police Report  

3. The ADHD Campaign Begins                                         10. Forrest's Seating Arrangement  

4. The Spring PTC Meeting, Leads to I Love Satan?        11.  Attorney Consulted   

5. Move to Weekly Checklists                                            12. History with Child #2  

6. Isolated Table                                                                  13. Third Attack, Second Police Report  

7. The Meeting, ADHD Intervention                                   14. Close of First Grade Experience  

What happened to our son can happen to any child.  It can be any school, any school district and any state in these United States of America.  The following factual account and supporting documents will make that clear to anyone who reads it.  Our goal, by sharing our personal information, is to provide a barrier between the parents of innocent healthy children and the corrupt educators.

1. First Day of School, First Attack. On August 20, 2008, our son, Forrest Cunningham, then 6 years of age, attended his first day of his first grade year at Whispering Meadows Elementary School.  He was very happy and excited leaving that morning.  In the evening, I returned home from work and asked Forrest and his mother how his first day went.  There was a hesitation to answer and my wife fought back tears.  Forrest went on to explain that the school day went well and he saw old friends and made some new ones.  He then explained that he boarded the bus in front of the school for the ride home.  While seated and waiting for all the kids to board, a kid he did not know came and sat beside him in his seat and sucker-punched him in the face.  His nose was bloodied and his head bounced off the window of the bus from the force of the punch.  Forrest immediately covered his face in response to the pain of the attack and to stop the blood flow.  The boy who punched him bolted up to the bus driver and said, “There’s a kid whose nose is bleeding.”  The bus driver radioed in to the school office for an escort to the nurse’s office.  Forrest was very upset and trying desperately to control his sobbing so he could breathe with a bloody nose.  Forrest was escorted into the school; he saw the nurse and was escorted back onto the bus.  The bus driver did not ask why his nose was bleeding.  The escort did not ask why his nose was bleeding.  The nurse did not ask why his nose was bleeding.  They then put him back on the bus, while he held his face to prevent further bleeding.  The attacker elbowed and pushed him the rest of the way home.  The only report we received that evening was from our son.


I went into the school the next morning and informed the Principal and his teacher as to what happened and demanded proper recourse.  The Principal went to the Transportation Department that morning and witnessed the event on the school bus video.  I wanted to attend, but the Transportation Department would not return my calls, nor my wife’s calls.  After verifying my son’s account of the event, from viewing the video, the Principal found the culprit and suspended him for 2 days.  The attacker, we found out, was in my son’s classroom.  I asked my son why he thinks this kid did this to him and he said, “I don’t know, I don’t even know him.”  I instructed my son to watch his back when this kid returns and if necessary, defend himself until the threat stopped. 


After a couple of days, I asked my son if he remembered to keep his distance from this kid and watch his back.  My son’s reply, “I can’t!”  Forrest said, “The teacher has him lined up next to me all of the time!”  Again, I went in to the school the very next day and instructed the Principal to have the teacher separate the two boys in any line ups for reasons of common sense to protect both boys’ school experience.  My request was approved by the Principal.   At this point, my wife and I had no intention of filing a lawsuit or anything of that nature.  We told ourselves that people make mistakes and we trusted those mistakes made were learned from.  The three of us all put our best foot forward and decided to move on in a positive way.


2. Fall PTC Meeting.  The Parent Teacher Conference Meeting in October 2008 was uneventful.  Forrest’s first grade teacher shared her progress reports on Forrest in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, work habits, social skills, art, music and physical education.  He had mostly P (proficient) marks and some I (inconsistent) marks in only 3 of the categories.  He had no N (needs improvement) marks. And in fact, there were absolutely no teacher comments on his report card for the first quarter.  So, when I say, uneventful, I mean we were not informed of anything that would cause us concern regarding the educational experience of our son.  Copy of his first quarter report card enclosed.  Report Card-1st Quarter Oct 2008.


3. The ADHD Campaign Begins.  Fast forward to February 2009 of that same school year.  For six months, Forrest gets outstanding grades and has no bad reports concerning his behavior at school.  Then, on February 24, 2009, we received the enclosed letter along with a checklist from his teacher.  Teacher Letter Feb 24 2009.   Checklist-Feb 24.  Pay particular attention to the third paragraph of the letter.  The teacher states, “These strategies have been in effect the entire year.  They are not new to Forrest or other students in need of intervention.”  In plain English, she is saying our son has been misbehaving for 6 months and she has decided to let us know NOW?!  We felt betrayed.  My wife and I were astounded!  “What logic could support this?”, I thought to myself.   As anyone can see, the descriptions such as, “sits appropriately”, etc. are very vague.  With these checklists, no details were offered 90% of the time and 90% of the time, my son, Forrest, was oblivious anything was wrong, when I questioned him.  His teacher did not alert him when observations warranted and I, of course, could only guess at what was happening.  Forrest was feeling tricked by his teacher most of the time and although he did not know the word betrayal to describe his feelings further, he felt he could no longer trust her.  I did not respond to the teacher’s letter.  I complied with her request and signed the checklist.  I decided to play along, sign the reports to indicate I saw them and question Forrest on a daily basis about these daily checklists.   Some of these lists have been included for you to read.  Checklist-Mar 2.  Checklist-Mar 3.  Checklist-Mar 4.  I kept quiet to see what the Spring Parent Teacher

Conference (PTC) meeting would bring.

At the beginning, I admit, I responded to Forrest by grounding him in various ways.  I did this to test both him and his accuser, his teacher.  I very quickly realized that the behavior claimed at school and the behavior witnessed at his other activities and at home just were not matching up.  Forrest’s grades were fantastic.  He was excelling at his athletic achievements.   I spoke to other parents and did research in my spare time to see if I could figure out why this was happening.  It did not take me long to find out and this is when I really started my investigation.  The key word, for me, in this February 24, 2009 letter from the teacher is “intervention”.  More is explained about the importance of that word, intervention, on another page of our website.  Click this link to our webpage to read more. ADHD School Interventions


4. The Spring PTC Meeting, Leads to I Love Satan?  The Spring PTC meeting was attended by myself and the first grade teacher.  My wife could not attend due to her mother passing away and she had to be in Florida with her family.  The teacher opened the meeting by stating, “I am not a drug pusher.”  I said nothing to this and was, needless to say, surprised at that statement.  I thought to myself, “What was that about?”  She then went on to say that Forrest had a “remote control” type of attention span and that “it was constantly flipping around”.  She showed me his academic scores and comparisons (copies are included).  She then went on to say that during her pregnancy leave of absence in January and early February, Forrest qualified to test for an accelerated academic program named ALPHA for gifted kids and that she was “disappointed” that we decided to take advantage of this honor and have him test.  I kept my tongue and, although being shocked at that remark, let her continue.  She then went on to describe his areas of supposed functional weakness.  We discussed the checklists process and I assured her my full cooperation and that I would look into this with Forrest more closely.  “Not a drug pusher”.  “Disappointed”.  I kept a positive outlook, but included her remarks in my notes from our meeting.  Those two remarks, when looking back, now speak volumes.


I soon realized, Forrest was being targeted as part of a scam I had heard about, off and on, for several years.  I decided to play along and see firsthand how this works and where it ultimately leads.  I was able to verify fact from fiction thanks to the overconfidence of the people involved at my son’s school.  Let’s take a closer look at more of these checklists.  They are provided here for all to see.  Checklists-Mar 23.  Checklists-Mar 24. Checklists-Mar 25.  Take note of the up and down roller coaster ride presented in the checklists…good days, bad days and all things in between.  Most parents and students would get pretty upset and emotional about this.  This could soften up any parent who is trusting the teacher and is concerned about their child’s scholastic future. 


Now, look closely at the enclosed checklists dated April 13 and 14.  Checklists-Apr 13, 14.  We received both stapled together on April 14, 2009.  In the teacher’s own handwriting, she claimed my six year old son, Forrest, yelled I love satan and that he was displaying violent behavior. (But, no visit to the Principal’s office?)  I said to my wife, “I love satan? Oh, come on! This is getting very wacky now.”  Strong academics, strong athletic achievements, (State AAU Gold Medalist, for one) and strong moral conditioning; this is a very disciplined little man.  No complaints for 6 months and now this.  My wife and I asked Forrest that evening about his teacher’s claim he yelled I love satan.  When I asked him if he knew what the word satan meant, he replied, “I don’t know.  Is it a bad word?”  Forrest had been taught about the devil early on.  He never heard us refer to the devil using the name satan. 


Remember, he was only six years old.  When I asked him where he was when the teacher scolded him for yelling, he said he was in the boy’s bathroom and that she was waiting in the hall and when he came out she scolded him for yelling, but he did not do that.  I asked him, “Who was yelling in the bathroom, if it wasn’t you?”  He said, “No one. No one was yelling.”  I then asked him, “Why would she say such a thing?”  He hesitated and said, “Well I don’t want to sound dispekful (disrespectful), but I don’t think she hears real good, because she is getting kind of old.”  Typical six year old.  The teacher cannot be older than 40 years of age.  Obviously, even he was trying to make sense of her odd behavior at that point.


5. Move to Weekly Checklists.My wife and I decided to humor this process further.  On the April 13/14 checklist you will see my response, “Thanks for your assistance.  I’m ready to move on to weekly rather than daily checklists now.”  As I expected, the negative reports and abusive treatment of my son accelerated.  Coincidence?  Meanwhile, we continued to give Forrest the proper moral and emotional guidance that he needed.  And he continued to excel at this schoolwork and athletics.  We take great pride in being involved in his daily lessons, homework and extracurricular activities.  This paid off well during his “intervention”.


When Forrest once asked me why his teacher was doing this to him, I answered, “She is not well and recently had a baby.  Things that normally would not bother other people are causing her to get a little crazy.  New moms sometimes go through this.  We need to try and remember it is not your fault.  She needs to be treated nice.”  Forrest followed my instructions very well.  In fact, you will be shocked at how well when you read the events surrounding the police reports included later in this account. The weekly checklist dated April 20-24, according to his teacher, indicates that Forrest is way out of control now.  If a checkmark is missing, it means failure at that activity. 


6. Isolated Table.  On Thursday of the following week, April 23, he is removed from his group table and isolated at a table by himself.  He is seated alone.  A copy of the April 20-24 checklist is enclosed.  Checklist-Week April 20-24.  All the other children, including a mentally challenged child, stay at their assigned group tables of 3-4 children for their daily lessons.  My wife leaves a voicemail with the teacher and another voicemail with the school secretary asking when and how we can have him back at his usual table.   The teacher did not call my wife back.  Instead, the teacher used Forrest as a messenger.  Her reply was that he stays by himself for the rest of the school year.  I tell Forrest this is good because now he can’t be blamed for activities of others at a shared table.  Despite this arrangement, his grades continued to excel.


I went to the school on April 30, 2009 and have lunch with Forrest.  Upon leaving, I see Forrest’s teacher lining up the kids.  In passing, I thank her for the seating arrangement without explaining why.  The look on her face, I will never forget.  It was one of total shock and then a sense of relief.  On my way out, the school secretary stopped me and said she was just about to call me and my wife to request we attend “an urgent meeting” at the school during the upcoming week concerning Forrest.  She offered Thursday, May 7 at 8:15AM and I scheduled it right then and there.  I asked what it was about.  The school secretary said that she did not know, but that it would include the Principal, Forrest’s first grade teacher, his kindergarten teacher and the school guidance counselor.  My suspicions resulting from my investigation over the past few months were looking very strong at that point.  In fact, so strong, that I took Forrest to his Pediatrician on Monday, May 4, three days before the school meeting.  I told Forrest’s Pediatrician my concerns and asked him for his professional diagnosis of my son.   He complied.  He also told me that if my suspicions came true on Thursday, May 7, to return for his diagnosis in writing, if need be.  I, of course, returned as noted on the included letter of diagnosis.  Pediatrician Letter May 13 2009.


7. The Meeting, ADHD Intervention.  On Thursday, May 7, at 7:50AM, I received a phone call from the school secretary informing us that the meeting had to be rescheduled due to a 2-hour school delay caused by extremely foggy conditions.  My wife and I had both scheduled 2 hours of work off that day, just for this meeting.  The school secretary offered a 10:15AM instead.  My wife could not miss further work at such short notice, but my schedule could allow it.  So, 10:15AM it was.  My wife was frustrated, but we both agreed we wanted to jump on this quickly.  I went.  At 10:15AM, I entered a conference room to be met by the Principal, Forrest’s first grade teacher and his kindergarten teacher.  The guidance counselor, I was told, was running late and on her way.  The door closed behind me. 

I asked if the meeting was about Forrest’s academics and said that I had brought all of his work papers with me to help cross-reference.  The reply from the Principal was, “No, it is about his behavior and us all needing to take further steps to help him.”  I asked, “What steps?  What area of behavior?”  The kindergarten teacher, whom I was surprised was included from the outset, started with a recollection of last year when she had informed us that Forrest was horsing around with other kids around him while seated or on the floor during storytime.  I replied, “Yes, if you recall, we resolved that last year and the problem was fixed.”  She disagreed.  I recanted to her and the other two ladies how Forrest was disciplined at home concerning the issue and that he stopped.  The Principal then disagreed.  I then said, “Let me refresh your memory."  I then, reminded the kindergarten teacher and the Principal that in a matter of a few weeks the problem was eradicated, but the kindergarten teacher then made some errors in judgment that complicated the full resolution.  I reminded them that I had instructed Forrest to raise his hand to ask to move or if need be, stand and move two people away from the horseplay.  When he did this, the teacher reprimanded him and sent notes home saying he was continuing to be disruptive.  No description was given as to the manner of the disruption. When questioned, Forrest explained that he was following my instructions and that the kindergarten teacher was mistakenly punishing him for doing the right thing.  I said, “I asked you, the kindergarten teacher, if Forrest was being disruptive by raising his hand and you rather reluctantly said, well, yes.  And I explained at that time that he was in the right at that point by trying to notify you that he could not hear.  The closure of this matter took place last year in this very room with you the kindergarten teacher and you the Principal being informed of the breakdown of classroom procedure and that half of the reports were due to him raising his hand.”  The kindergarten teacher tersely replied, “It was not half.”  And I replied, “Okay three-quarters.  Look, why are you bringing up old news that is a non-issue today?  What is this meeting really about?” 


The first grade teacher started to tell me about how happy Forrest was having his own table, etc.  And I said, “Look, all of you ladies are beating around the bush about something very delicately as though you have something to share that will cause me to get upset.  I will not get upset.  I am a busy man and need to get on with things, as do all of you.  Now, cut to the chase!  I am not going to get angry.  What is going on?  The Principal and first grade teacher both proceeded to take turns stating that Forrest was “showing very strong signs of ADHD” and that he needed help with it.  I laughed and said “Forrest does not have ADHD.”  The Principal then laughed and said “Oh, Mr. Cunningham, you have no idea.  I sat with your son and he needed constant reminders to stay focused on his work.”  I still politely disagreed and asked, “Okay, if I were to go along with this assessment of yours, what would happen next?”  The first grade teacher explained, “Well, there would be a new set of checklists started to properly diagnose him.  One set would go home with you every night and one set would be filled out at school in the classroom by your son’s doctor.  Your doctor would make observations while watching him during class and you and your wife would also at home.  After a period of time, the two sets would be compared and a proper course of treatment would be evaluated.” 


I asked the Principal, “Why not just give me a letter stating that you feel my son needs to be diagnosed for ADHD and then I can take it to his doctor?  This checklist thing seems like a very long way around the block approach.  Why not save us all time and work?"  The Principal’s reply, “We can’t, Sir, there are certain legalities involved that don’t allow us to.”  I said, “Nonsense, just give me a letter and we’re done.”  I kept quiet to fully hear them out.  In my mind though, I thought, “My son’s doctor has a full-time practice!  He couldn’t possibly come to school every day and cooperate with this!  Is this when a school appointed doctor is offered for our convenience?  Is this where the conflict of interest concept gets past most parents?”  I thought to myself, “I take their letter to the pediatrician and return his diagnosis to them and we’re done.”


Before I could ask these questions, the door opened.  It was the school guidance counselor showing up late.  I introduced myself and asked, “You’re the school’s guidance counselor?”  She said, “Yes.”  I said, “Why am I meeting you now?  Why didn’t I meet you during the first week of school, when my son was violently attacked on the school bus?”  She asked, “What?”  The Principal cuts in yelling, “MR. CUNNINGHAM, MR. CUNNINGHAM WE CLOSED THAT MATTER!  WE ARE NOT HERE TO DISCUSS THAT MATTER!”  I calmly looked at the Principal and said, “No, no now wait a minute!”  And to the guidance counselor I said, “You didn’t know?  He was sucker -punched by a strange kid and had his nose bloodied on the first day.  The bus driver and nurse put him back on the bus and we weren’t notified by the school.  Don’t guidance counselors get involved with kids who are violently attacked?”  The guidance counselor said with a horrified look, “Well, yes.”  Obviously, she knew nothing about the incident.  The Principal then yelled, “THAT MATTER HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHY WE ARE HERE TODAY AND I AM VERY ANGRY AT YOU MR. CUNNINGHAM.”  I began to say, “This meeting is about my son’s well being isn’t it?  I’m just trying to understand how this all works.”  I was then cut off by the Principal again yelling at me with “WE WILL TAKE THAT AS A NO TO OUR CONTINUING FURTHER WITH YOUR SON’S ASSISTANCE AND THIS MEETING IS OVER!”  She then grabbed her documents and angrily began to march out of the room, leaving me with the other three.  The other ladies were momentarily frozen in shock with her blowing up.  I politely said as I stood up to follow as she marched out into the reception area, “I’m not angry.  Come on, when can we schedule a follow-up meeting?”  Her reply was, “There will be no scheduling of meetings.  I am too angry right now to speak with you, Mr. Cunningham.”  The guidance counselor and Forrest’s first grade teacher then left the room walking past me not making eye contact.  I turned around to see the kindergarten teacher slowly get out of her chair with a look on her face as though she were trying to process what just happened.  As I walked toward the front door of the reception by myself, I said, “Thank you” to the school secretary and said to the Principal who was down the hallway in the distance, yet still close enough to hear, “Thanks, I’ll be in touch.”


8. Second Attack.  The next day, Friday, May 8, 2009.  I picked up Forrest after school and asked him how things were at school and if there was any trouble.  He said, “Good, but there was a little trouble.”  I asked him, “What do you mean? Tell me.”  Forrest said that the sucker-puncher from the first day took three swings at him and tried to punch him in the groin.  I stopped and parked the car.  I said, “Did he hit you?  Forrest said, “Yes”.  I asked, “Where?”  Forrest said, “On the arms.”  I asked, “How did this kid get close enough to you to do this?  I told you to stay away from him after the first time, because I knew this would happen.”  Forrest said, “The teacher has him lined up next to me again. I thought you knew!”  I said, “No, I didn’t.  I would have fixed it immediately, if I had known.  So where did this happen and what happened after?”  Forrest proceeded to tell me that they had a fire drill and while they were outside, the kid turned around in line and rapid-fired three punches at Forrest’s testicles.  I asked, “What did you do?”  Forrest explained that he saw it coming and blocked all three on his arms using his Tae Kwon Do training, which he gets from me.  Forrest explained that the kid failed at hurting him, got scared and turned around and then Forrest yelled to a teacher’s assistant for help.  He said he yelled, “HEY, [name of child] is trying to punch me in the groin!”  I asked, “What did she do?”  Forrest said she yelled at me, “Be quiet!”  I asked, “So, you stopped him and no one would help or listen to you?”  Forrest said, “Yes!”


9. First Police Report.  On the following Monday morning, May 11, 2009, I called the Fort Wayne Police and had an Officer meet me in the school parking lot.  I informed him of the whole sordid mess, up to that day, and asked him to convince them as to the errors they were making.  I also asked him to suggest removing Forrest’s sucker-puncher from being within my son’s arm reach and to again separate them in line.  Here is the Police report of that day for further details and verification.  Police Report May 11 2009.  The Principal and a social worker from the school district, who just happened to be there, met with the Officer and me in the conference room.  The Officer verified the accounts of that school year and we informed the Principal of the second attack, which occurred on the prior Friday, that the school failed to report to me and to my wife.  If you look closely at the Police report, you will read that the Officer witnessed the Principal’s admission that she saw my son’s attack by this very kid on video during the first week of school.  Also, during today’s meeting, the Principal said to me that she received a note from my wife requesting Forrest not go on the upcoming field trip to the Zoo due to the poor safety track record so far.  The Principal said that she approved the request and then she said, “If you’re so concerned about your son’s safety, maybe we should take away his recess too!”  You could have heard a pin drop.  I looked at her and then said to the Officer, “Do you see what I’m dealing with here?  The audacity!”  No one wanted to reply to that.  I then told her and the social worker that my son has full instructions directly from me that if he is attacked again, that he is to shut down the kid hard and fast using any techniques necessary until the threat stops and that he will.  The Officer verified to her that Forrest would be within the law, if he was attacked and defended himself until the threat stops.  The Principal had no reply.  She then agreed to have Forrest’s teacher put Forrest’s attacker back further away from Forrest again.  The meeting adjourned and that evening, I, of course, verified this in fact took place by asking my son.  That evening, Forrest also told us about where his alone seat really was. 


10. Forrest’s Seating Arrangement. Our conversation continued.  And after I verified that the sucker-puncher had been moved, I asked Forrest how his lessons were going in the classroom.  He said, “Okay, the ones that I can see.”  My wife and I froze.  I asked, “What do you mean, the ones that you can see?”  Forrest said, “I can’t see the jektor screen.”  I said, “You mean the projector  screen?”  He said, “Yeah.”  I asked Forrest how much does she use the projector screen?  Forrest said, “every day”.  Our hearts sank!  I asked Forrest, “Is it hard to see because the table she put you at is to the side of the screen?”  He said, “No.  It’s because of the bookcase and plants she has me behind.”  My wife and I all at once realized that the teacher had not just put Forrest at a table by himself, she had put him where he could not see his lessons with the rest of the class for nearly 3 weeks!  He then informed us that the teacher then would ask questions concerning the projector lesson material to the class, including him, and that he couldn’t answer her questions!  For nearly 3 weeks.  We also realized that evening, that he survived scholastically through this period due to one thing, our doing schoolwork with him every night, even if he didn’t have homework.  My wife wrote a letter to the Principal and teacher about the disgusting projector situation.   Here is the letter my wife wrote for delivery to the Principal and a copy to the teacher on the next morning.  It is enclosed for you to read.  Change Table Request May 11 2009.


11. Attorney Consulted.  After the second attack on Forrest from a kid whom we were assured would be separated from our son following the first attack and all of the other poor treatment, I decided it is time to have our attorney meet with us.  Upon his examination, without an adult witness to step forward and no video of the second attack, he felt we had a doubtful outcome in court.  We also learned that the statute of limitations to prosecute a school corporation is 6 months in the state of Indiana.  This meant that the August 20, 2008 school bus video recorded attack was no longer an incident that could be pursued in a court of law.  It could only be used as evidence of a history, if other more stark charges became available.  We then kept our attorney on standby and waited.  I also had this thought, “6 months statute of limitations?  August 20, 2008 school bus attack on video.  February 24, 2009 ADHD campaign starts on our son?  August 20 to February 24, equates to 6 months and 4 days.  The campaign starts 4 days after a lawsuit could no longer be filed.  Coincidence?”  We strongly feel our son’s civil rights have been violated, yet we are told that we have no recourse for action against his perpetrators. 


12. History with child #2.  (I am omitting the childrens’ names to protect them from this disclosure.)  Okay.  Now, check this out.  It gets worse at this point, not better.  On May 11, 2009, Forrest’s sucker-puncher is moved.  But, a physically large, mentally challenged kid is then put in the sucker-puncher’s spot next to Forrest in line.  There is a history with this kid making death threats and physically pushing the other children.  A recorded incident involving my son goes back to March 6, 2009 of this school year. 


The kid told Forrest he was going to “cut his head off and throw him out of the window” while they were seated in the school cafeteria during lunch.  School cafeteria rules are that once you are seated, you are forbidden to move to another seat or you are punished by the monitors in the cafeteria.  Forrest had to sit and listen to this kid’s rants and could not move from the table.  Forrest finally got frustrated and threw some napkins and an empty goldfish cracker wrapper at the kid and told him to “shut up”.  The cafeteria monitor saw this and reported Forrest.  The Principal wrote him up and also left us a message at home on our answering machine stating that Forrest needed to straighten up.  Child #2 was not spoken to by the monitor for his actions. I told Forrest that he and the other kids needed to speak up every time Child #2 behaved this way.  After about three weeks of almost daily complaints, someone caught Child #2 and forced him to write a letter of apology to Forrest.  The apology letter and the Principal’s bad behavior report are included here.   Cafeteria Notice Mar 6 2009.    Apology Letter Mar 26.


13. Third Attack, Second Police Report.  Now, it is two months after the cafeteria incident with Child #2. After the May 11 Second Attack, First Police Report, at my request, Child #1, the sucker-puncher is moved away from our son a second time due to his second failed ambush on Forrest.  Only now, Child #2 is put in his spot next to Forrest.  Not a good situation!  On the morning of May 27, 2009, Wednesday, the school nurse called my wife at work and informs her that Forrest was “jabbed in the eyes” by another kid and that she thought he was okay and that she called to just inform her of the incident.  My wife immediately called me.  We both leave our work and get there just before lunch.  We sat down with Forrest while he ate his lunch in the school cafeteria and made sure he was okay.  He informed us that during a transition between school activities, Child #2 turned around jabbed at his eyes as they were walking in line.  Forrest said that he saw it coming and tried to dodge his head away to avoid contact.  Child #2 made contact with his nose and a tear duct narrowly missing his eyeballs squarely.  Forrest said he yelled at the teacher alerting her and was then sent to the nurse.  According to Forrest, Child #2 was scolded.  I asked Forrest what happened after the visit to the nurse and he said, “They took away my recess.”  I asked, “Why? What did you do wrong?”  He said, “Nothing.”  Not the teacher, nor the Principal, sent home any bad reports concerning Forrest.  My wife and I were clearly seeing the bigger picture here.  We were seeing the targeting process at work here, firsthand.  The school had no official report for us in writing concerning the eye poke incident.   In fact, we requested one from the nurse during our visit that day and were declined one. 


The next morning, Thursday, May 28, I went in again with another Fort Wayne Police Officer and took control of the matter.  The Officer was briefed by me prior to entering the school building.  The first grade teacher, a substitute Principal, the Officer and I all had a meeting in the Principal’s office.  The Officer supported my position.  See enclosed Police report.  Police Report May 28 2009. I demanded to the teacher that she do her job and stop trying to set my son up with a hostile environment.  I also berated her professionally about my son’s seating arrangement.  See Forrest’s seating arrangement above for details. 

I demanded to the teacher, with the Officer and substitute Principal present, that she remove Child #2 from the position next to my son in line.  The Officer and substitute Principal agreed that this was best.  I also handed her and the substitute Principal copies of my son’s Pediatrician’s ADHD diagnosis letter dated May 13, 2009, in which he is giving my son a clean bill of health.  I made it plain what I thought of the fraudulent intervention and if there was any more nonsense concerning my son, that matters would, in so many words, be escalated.  The meeting was adjourned.

14. Close of First Grade Experience. Forrest passed first grade less than 2 weeks later.  On his last day, June 5, we took time off work to pick him up from school to avoid the bus ride home to ensure no last day retribution opportunity was given to his former attacker.  His grades are enclosed for all to see.  He also was granted a request of transfer to another school nearby.  We did this to ensure he has less chance of any harmful attempts on his scholastics, health or character.  Speaking of character.  If my son was ADHD and unable to control his behavior, think about this.  How many times did he have the sucker-puncher and Child #2’s backs to him?  Dozens, easily.  Now, take a look at his level of ability and experience in the martial arts and wrestling.  If he had no discipline or self-control, those two boys would have been seriously harmed.  Under all of the aforementioned pressure from the hostile environment he was placed in, he stuck to his values.  If you want to see a person’s true character, observe them while under extreme pressure, as Forrest had undergone.  Impressive for an adult to maintain control, let alone a six year old child.


Forrest is now in second grade and still doing great despite the events of his first grade experience.  He has a new teacher and Principal, both of which he likes and respects.  My wife and I are grateful.  I gladly took time off from work to attend my son’s second grade Fall 2009 Parent Teacher Conference Meeting and the teacher had nothing but good reports on Forrest.  The teacher remarked that Forrest has a good sense of humor and that he has had to remind him a few times of when it is appropriate to use it.  That is the big news this year.  Enclosed is his report card for the first quarter of 2009-2010 school year for all to see.


Whispering Meadows Elementary School, the school at which our son had this very long, very bad experience, is within walking distance of our home.  We can see the school from our home.  We feel due to the aforementioned individuals employed at this school  that it is no longer a viable, intelligent, non-hostile source for education for our son.  We felt it was prudent to have him transferred to another school to ensure his future learning experience remains positive.  The amount of work, time and effort we put into making this a smooth psychological transition for our son is huge.  We are still working with him to make sure he fully understands that none of this was any fault of his own.

From the moment he was born, I have spent all of my spare time with Forrest.  We participate in all activities together.   We have never put Forrest with a sitter in order for my wife and I to participate in any activity outside of work that would exclude him.  Never.  I share with you some of the fun we have shared together.  Please look at my photo gallery.

Okay, enough about us.  What about the other innocent healthy kids?  What about their parents who are giving good parenting, like us, and that are being pressured by this scam? Now, it’s time for us to help the other kids and their parents.  I have outlined all the different areas of content of this site to educate you more thoroughly, not just on the subject of ADHD, but to educate you about the fraudulent claims for ADHD pushed upon children and their parents.  I have provided links and documents to verify this information with credible references. Knowledge is power.  Share our story and this website with others.   

2013 Junior Olympic Gold Medalist!

What about Forrest’s life after avoiding the school system's lies and attempts to harm his future?


In November of 2011, we caught Forrest’s 4th grade teacher in a lie. She had  bungled the report card grades for the  classroom. We had proof to back it up. She implied Forrest was lazy and lacked proper work ethic! Forrest received his first “B” grade. He is a straight “A” student.  We very closely monitor his DAILY performance. It was her attempt to slip under our radar. When my wife and I brought this to light to the classroom parents, they too expressed their own concerns. The teacher, the principal, and then the Superintendent were informed so as to correct any future mistakes. Panic resulted on the part of the school administration and the Superintendent tried to cover it up.  The details are worthy of a website or book by themselves! We, at that point, realized we had had enough of having to watch over these peoples' shoulders. We decided to let them wallow in their own mess after we informed the other parents and decided to home school Forrest. It was one of the best damn decisions we, as parents, ever made! In October 2013, the school district had to redraw the school boundaries due to low enrollment numbers at this school. Any guesses as to why? See the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette article dated October 2, 2013, SACS Board Hears Elementary Redistricting Plan, by Vivian Sade. 


Look at what follows!


March 2013, our son Forrest graduated the 5th grade. He was 10 years old at the time. We had him independently evaluated at a local learning center and his academic assessment placed him between the 7th and 11th grades. Earlier in February and March of 2013, Forrest competed in four wrestling competitions and won a 1st, a 2nd and two 3rd places . In May 2013, Forrest won the AAU STATE Taekwondo Championships receiving 2 Gold Medals for Forms and Sparring competitions. In July of the same year, Forrest was chosen to play on the Little League All Star team. His team went all the way to the Fort Wayne City Championships and got 2nd place. That same month, Forrest competed in the Junior Olympics representing the State of Indiana in Taekwondo competition. He received a Gold Medal in Forms competition and a Silver Medal in Olympic Sparring competition. Forrest was 10 years old. Immediately after the Junior Olympics, Forrest wanted to start training for his first 5K running competition. He did so with me, and as luck would have it, the race was on the same day as his photo shoot for a worldwide publication.  Forrest’s story can be seen in the January 2014 issue of Taekwondo Times Magazine. 

In November 2013, we had a last Taekwondo tournament of the 2013 season. Forrest won 1st place in Forms, 1st place in Olympic Sparring and 1st place in Board Breaking competition. He received the Grand Championship award for an outstanding performance!   Oddly enough, this award marked NUMBER 100 in his Taekwondo competition career. Forrest, at age 11, is also starting the 8th grade in February 2014. Yes, not the 7th, but the 8th  grade. On January 27, we had Forrest test for his final for 6th grade. His scores were so far beyond what was needed that, after consulting with the learning center director, he convinced us not to waste time with 7th grade materials at all and immediately begin 8th grade. Forrest's focus and discipline are obviously paying off. We are so glad we did not listen to the idiots. If we had done so, the last 5 years would have gone much differently. Forrest’s accomplishments and true potential would have never been realized.


Anyone that meets Forrest sees that he is a bright, friendly, energetic, positive, and well behaved young man. Forrest has friends ranging in ages from 2 to over 70 years of age. He has a knack for getting along with anybody. The teachers, principals, and Superintendent that tried to “pile on” Forrest were defeated. They now have their actions following them for the rest of their lives. We are very happy, as a family,  to have seen through their lies. We are also very happy, as a family and members of our community, to have shared this story with so many others who have also come to dismiss  these “experts” and others like them for their dangerous behavior.