Here is a small array of photos showing Forrest's athletic achievements over the past 2 years.  We are in the process of organizing his awards and certificates to post on this page as well.  The reason for this is we know there are kids more talented and kids less talented.  If our son could not follow instructions or remain focused and control his impulses, the accomplishments you see in these photographs and the later described awards would not be possible.  Also, if you refer to the section "Our Personal Experience", you will witness our son's self-control and restraint further demonstrated much to the chagrin of the people whom we feel tried to malign his character and portray him to be without discipline, unable to follow instructions and to be mean-spirited.  This, our personal example, should prove to any parent that a fraudulent intervention can be carried out against any child.  It should also prove that there are some unscrupulous people within our educational systems who will stop at nothing to serve their own agenda.

Photo - TKD Ist Place Apr 17 2010.png
Photo-TKD 2019.05.15.png
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