First,  Look at the FFWD 2013 update about my son.  TKD Times Index Jan 2014 Issue  TKD Times Article Jan 2014 Issue.  Then, look at the TRAGIC story concerning Matthew Smith at My heart goes out to Matthew's parents. The Smiths are helping keep little boys and girls safe from harm.


My son’s ongoing accomplishments speak for themselves.  Understand, that instead of a major success story, my son too could have died had we listened to and trusted those that approached us.


1st    Understand that FEDERAL LAW protects you and your children from a school employee FORCING YOU TO MEDICATE.


2nd    If a school employee states to the contrary, be very polite AND THEN FIRMLY DEMAND to get the request to medicate your child IN WRITING. Don’t be surprised if they not only refuse but, then end the conversation. Keep all documentation!


3rd    If they do give you a written request, immediately contact an attorney you trust and ask about filing suit against the school, district or any other governing entity deemed to be complicit. Also keep in mind that you are probably not the first or last to be victimized by this behavior and it may benefit yourself and many others by investigating who else may have been violated by the school or school district. I have seen the benefit of speaking to others in my community 1st hand. Keep all documentation!


4th    If they drop the issue but, you start getting notes, general or otherwise, coming home from the school concerning your child’s behavior, DO NOT SIGN THE NOTES. These notes are sometimes used as an AMBIGUOUS admission of guilt in favor of the school, if a future legal proceeding takes place. Instead of signing the note and having your child hand it back to the school, CALL THE SCHOOL and state that you received the note and that you spoke with your child about the issue. Express no view of whether or not your child was involved in any wrong doing. Stating that the matter has been discussed is sufficient. Keep the notes. Keep all documentation!


5th    Talk to the other parents of the kids in that classroom or at that school. Discuss day-to-day events and see what comes up. We did this and you may be surprised with what you find out. A large enough group of parents made themselves aware where we live. So many parents pulled their kids out of the nearby school that the district had to redraw the elementary school boundaries and bring kids in from other areas just to keep staff employed. See the story in the "Journal Gazette", Oct 2, 2013, SACS Board Hears Elementary Redistricting Plan, by Vivian Sade. You do have power!  Keep all documentation!


6th    AND MOST IMPORTANT! You didn’t blindly drug your kid, you didn’t blindly trust reports from the school, but your child is now unhappy and you fear they are suffering academically due to the school employees' behavior. Look at moving to another well researched district, private school. or home school options.  We exercised our options and our son is now WAY AHEAD of the school district. Public school comes in a dismal 3rd when compared to private and home school results. Home school comes in 1st but, not everyone can afford the schedule that this requires. You are in charge of your child’s future. YOU!