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The following is from a recent communication.  It is an interesting example of some common misconceptions that can make someone an easy victim.

Q – Do you realize that ADHD and bad grades do not go hand-in-hand?

A – According to the Center for Disease Control, at least half of all recorded cases of alleged ADHD, in the ages 6-11 years bracket, in the USA demonstrate a severe learning disability.  Don't take my word for it.  Go to the CDC website.  And put “ADHD learning disabilities” in the search engine.  Here is the link  There you will see the officially recognized statistics supporting this.  They use the DSM-IV as reference just like our medical and psychiatric professionals do.  Our government also uses this manual as a basis for law concerning such matters.  I recommend getting a copy. 


Q – Do you realize that physical and athletic awards mean nothing when it comes to ADHD?

A – The answer to the first question above applies here AND the official DSM-IV American Psychiatric Association ADHD diagnosis criteria apply as well; more specifically, the symptoms of being forgetful, being easily distractedand impulsive.  These are in the DSM-IV ADHD classification of diagnostic symptoms.  A child exhibiting these symptoms will eventually, if not immediately, have problems keeping up with their peers in especially group environment sports activities (distractions).   Also, as they try to learn more comprehensive materials, they rapidly reach a point of not being able to remember prior lessons material after learning newer lessons material.  The ability to focus wanes.  They progress much more slowly, eventually, compared to a child without ADHD like symptoms.  Again, don't take my word for it; get the manual that your son's teachers and doctors use as a point of reference.  DSM-IV.  Look at the official world recognized ADHD medical and psychiatric symptoms.  It is all there.


In a normal child or adult, one without alleged ADHD, ADHD meds will sometimes improve their scholastics, sports performance and social behaviors dealing with being aggressive or impulsive.  If the ADHD meds change behaviors that person must have been alleged ADHD?  Not necessarily.  Amphetamines will change behaviors in almost all people sick or not.  This can really confuse parents.   If a good, well meaning doctor or series of doctors can’t find an answer for anti-social behavior, etc., one can eventually dampen the behavior’s source with ADHD meds without ever really finding the cause!  Alleged ADHD is many times a catchall label.