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"ADHD Misdiagnosis" article by Alyssa Sparacino

"Many children in the United States enter kindergarten at the young age of 5, and their immaturity compared to their 6-year-old classmates could mean a misdiagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder." Read more...ADHD Misdiagnosis Article.



"Teachers Usually First to Report ADHD", By Sid Kirshheimer, WebMD Health News


Pay particular attention to the following paragraph from this article:

"When a teacher suspects ADHD in a child, parents are called in. "At that meeting, it's not uncommon for several teachers, the psychologist, and the principal to push for getting that child on medication, and it can be very intimidating for parents," says Sax. "The schools also know which doctors will rubber-stamp their recommendation. And when the parents want to go to another doctor, they may say, 'he's not a specialist.'"



Allpsych Journal, School Violence - November 15, 2001 article by Louise M. Last links the Ritalin drug with school shootings.


Pay particular attention to the following paragraph from this article:

"The drug aspect plays a big role in the conflicts on school grounds. Not only do gang members sel1 drugs to who ever wants to buy them, there is also a connection with psychotropic "legal" drugs and school violence. Prescribed drugs such as Ritalin for ADHD and Bi polar disorder, Luvox for depression, and Prozac for depression are being associated with the mass shootings of the late 1990's. Children who are taking these drugs are labeled as having a mental illness. These drugs have been noted to have serious side effects when given to children resulting in psychotic and violent behaviors (53 O'Mera). Ritalin has been said to be pharmacologically similar to cocaine in its pattern of abuse. Abuse can lead to tolerance and severe psychological dependence. More studies need to be done to test the true effectiveness of these drugs in the treatment for children. While they may make the child more compliant, they may also be setting the stage for future violence."



"New study shows early ritalin may cause long-term effects on the brain."




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