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Federal and State grants, in the form of our tax dollars, provided to the Department of Special Education, are being wasted on fraudulent cases of ADHD.  The corrupt school officials get a “rubber stamp” diagnosis for a normal child from a school appointed physician.  This diagnosis is then sent to your State Department of Education and approved for thousands of tax dollars.  These are funds for each single case, which get added to the school’s budget.  This is supposed to go toward tutors, focused reading groups and other available tools, which are meant to be supplied to a child who is really ill, not a fraudulent ADHD case.

Many times, parents are unaware that these tools should be offered.  Many times, they are not offered nor informed, period.  It is not uncommon for the teacher and or school officials to report to the parents that the prescribed meds from the school appointed doctor are correcting the alledged ADHD symptoms and a normal, unchanged classroom is now suitable.  In the meantime, where is the grant money, your money, from the Federal and State Government going?  This money is desperately needed for kids with autism, Cerebral Palsy and many other such illnesses.  Yes, it is a terrible thing to waste our tax dollars.  It is just plain horrifying to think of the seriously ill kids who could use the extra funds and that are not able to receive them due to the corrupt scavenging from fraudulent ADHD interventions.

Even if you are not a parent, do you like your tax dollars being squandered in such a fashion?  Look closely at the severe slashing of the State Public Education budgets.  Art, music, sports programs, etc. are disappearing due to lack of money.  And on the other hand, we have corrupt people gutting the funding for special education through fictitious ADHD scams such as outlined on this website.  Everyone gets damaged by this!  Like it or not, you too have a dog in this fight.




Taxpayers, it gets much worse!    Here is a huge financial time bomb.  Pay close attention to the following and make sure you are sitting down while you read it.  Fully digest and comprehend every detail.  Most people are unaware that if a child’s civil rights are violated, in any way, by a school and/or school corporation, that child whether he or she is 5, 6, 7, etc. at the time of the incident, has full legal recourse to sue the school and/or school corporation once turning 18 years of age.  They will have one full year to file suit for damages upon their 18th birthday.  Yes, this is correct.  I myself questioned the concept and verified it personally with a well known attorney.  If you doubt this, ask an attorney who specializes in such matters yourself.  Now, what does this mean in reference to fraudulent interventions and a school official retaliating against a child and their parents for exercising their civil rights?  If the parents file a complaint with the Board of Education Department of Civil Rights in Chicago and file a complaint with the county prosecutor’s office and don’t meet the 6-month deadline or statute of limitations outlined by present laws, the whole case can reopen on that child's 18th birthday.  Even if the complaints and suit or suits do meet within the 6-month statue, the parent's case as legal guardians is still considered separate and win or lose, the child has a new personal suit, as a new legal adult to pursue for themselves as an individual and victim.  This means a single incident has two potential separate lawsuits and settlements.


Think about it.  A child who is presently 17 years of age and was abused in kindergarten or after, can file a court case for huge damages, within the next year!  Parents who had quit jobs to home school, who had to pay for private school, who had to move to another school district, who had to watch their children suffer unnecessarily have a second chance. All of us, the taxpayers, will be paying out to the abused children and their parents.  The corrupt officials cause all of this huge financial damage, and everyone else pays their bills, in the millions!  The Board of Education should terminate such school employees and contain the huge financial damage they are causing. Even if there are people who don’t care about these little children, they too are paying for this!  Some of you thought this doesn’t affect you.  What do you think now?